2016 Update on conservation efforts for Franciscana dolphins in Argentina

Research and conservation efforts to reduce Franciscana dolphin deaths in fishing nets have been a major focus of my efforts for decades.   In October 2015, the Argentinean government through the Federal Fishery Council approved the National Action Plan for the Conservation of Marine Mammals (PAN MM), focused on interactions with fisheries. This initiative was the […]

A collaborative effort to help Chinese white dolphins

Chinese white dolphins (also known as Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, Sousa chinensis) inhabiting the Pearl River Estuary (PRE), including coastal waters of a portion of southern mainland China and adjacent waters around Hong Kong, face a number of severe threats. Among these threats are high-speed ferry operations, large-scale construction projects, fishing, and agricultural and industrial pollutants. […]

Population consequences of red tides and water temperature on Sarasota Bay dolphins

  When and how much disturbance will cause populations to decline? That is one of the main questions researchers and decision-makers face when they have concerns about changes in the environment or human impacts on species. The question becomes more difficult to answer when the sources of disturbance become more subtle and varied because, oftentimes, […]