Measuring dolphin metabolic rates

How much food energy does an adult dolphin need from fish to survive and thrive? How much does a young animal need, and how much milk energy does a mother dolphin transfer to her nursing calf? These are the types of questions we hope to answer for the wild dolphins resident to Sarasota Bay and […]

Physiology of deep-diving dolphins off Bermuda

Over the past twenty years there has been a growing interest in stressors such as loud noise from seismic surveys and military sonar exercises that may affect the behavior of whales and dolphins. We theorize that the stress may impact the ability of individual animals to manage their diving behaviors that normally minimize the effects […]

Lung health of bottlenose dolphins off Bermuda and Sarasota

Dolphins are air breathing, diving mammals that hold their breath to find food. The amount of food they can obtain depends partly on how long they can hold their breath. Lung disease is therefore a significant problem as it both causes health issues and reduces foraging efficiency. In Sarasota, Florida, the shallow bays provide food […]