Testing tackle modifications and fish descender tools for reducing dolphin depredation and scavenging of sport fish

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Bottlenose dolphins interact frequently with recreational fishing, resulting in potential harm to the animals and to fish stocks. Our current study is designed to test if modifications to fishing techniques and gear can reduce these adverse interactions. Some dolphins have become skilled at taking fish directly off hook and line gear while an angler is [...]

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High school student volunteers communicating solutions: Evaluating human-dolphin interactions in high traffic areas of Sarasota Bay

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The SDRP and Mote’s Education Division teamed up once again to involve high school student interns in research and education on dolphins in the Sarasota area. This program was similar to a project done in 2007-2009 where students helped collect data on dolphins and boats in high traffic areas of Sarasota Bay during weekends. They [...]

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Happy New Year

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The oldest known wild dolphins, 64-yr-old Nicklo and 61-yr-old BlackTipDoubleDip, were among the more than 20 dolphins observed  on December 26th, during our final photographic identification survey of 2014. The dolphins were observed from the newest addition to the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program fleet, the 21 ft R/V Martha Jane, generously donated by SDRP volunteer [...]

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