Diverse ranging patterns exhibited by bottlenose dolphins off Bermuda

Bottlenose dolphins have adapted to a wide variety of habitats around the world. We have had the good fortune to be able to study them where they exhibit two extremes of their ranging patterns, from the multi-decadal residents who spend their entire lives in and around the small enclosed bay system near Sarasota, Florida, to […]

Passive acoustics and abundance estimation

Reliable estimates of population abundance are fundamental to the effective management and conservation of any species. However, estimating the abundance of cetaceans, which spend the large majority of their lives concealed underwater, can be difficult. Approaches have been developed, and are being refined for using the underwater sounds of cetaceans, to estimate their numbers. Passive […]

Galveston Bay bottlenose dolphins: 2016

Bottlenose dolphins in Galveston Bay (GB), Texas, live in one of the most industrialized estuary systems in the country. The Galveston Bay Dolphin Research and Conservation Program (GDRCP) monitors dolphin ecology, health and behavior through year-round photo-identification and remote biopsy tissue sampling, and promotes educational awareness. This year our catalog of unique individuals has increased […]