Focused on photo-ID

I’ve always considered myself a dreamer. Growing up was hard for me, because I was continuously dissatisfied by the world around me. For a long time my life has been cyclic. I put in work, got a little bit out of it, then I’d get bored and move on. Career wise, I had no idea […]

Political scientists are welcome too

Ever since I can remember, I was passionate about marine life. While other kids would draw pretty mountains, and “m-shaped” birds, I would draw a pretty ocean full of whales and dolphins. Growing up in the middle of Brazil though, 1,500 km away from the nearest coast, “being a whale researcher” soon became a childish […]

Dolphins and fishermen, there and back

I joined the SDRP in 2008 as an intern for the research project led by Jessica Powell on the interactions between bottlenose dolphins and anglers. That period was a steep learning curve—for all of us, I guess. Dolphins were learning to relate anglers to a food source. Jess was learning its negative consequences for the […]