Shark-dolphin interactions in Sarasota Bay: Tracking bull shark movements

Information on habitat use and movements by Sarasota Bay resident bottlenose dolphins is very well known; yet, the reasons for observed movement patterns and habitat choices are not fully understood, especially as they may be influenced by their potential predators, sharks. My dissertation research focuses on understanding the impacts of predatory sharks on the habitat […]

Fishing for data in Sarasota Bay

Prey fish availability is one of the most important drivers of dolphin behavior, survival, and reproductive success. Since 2004, the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program has explored relationships between the long-term resident dolphins of Sarasota Bay and their prey by conducting seasonal multi-species fish surveys. These surveys allow us to monitor seasonal abundance, distribution, and body […]

Sex-specific abundance, home ranges and habitat use of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Western Australia

Within both species of bottlenose dolphins, males and females seem to have different approaches to life. My PhD thesis, complete in August 2015, was undertaken through the South West Marine Research Program (SWMRP) in Bunbury, Western Australia. I completed an integrated analysis of a 6.5 year photo-identification study conducted across coastal and sheltered waters. The […]