Foraging behavior of Antarctic humpback whales

The SDRP is a leader in the study of marine mammal foraging ecology. Over the years, SDRP researchers have documented a variety of foraging behaviors used by bottlenose dolphins and have unveiled patterns of their habitat use and prey preference. This type of information is critical for the protection of these species and the environment […]

From California to Sarasota, Florida: A community college student and marine mammal research

  I am a Marine Biology major and come from a non-research based community college in Southern California. Under mentorship of my former marine biology professor, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct environmental research at California State University, Long Beach. This prepared me both physically and mentally to participate in this intellectually […]

Developing skills for application to dolphin conservation in Mauritius

My desire to study to marine mammals started at the age of five. In college, I have had the opportunity to augment my knowledge on this topic. As a human ecologist, I see science strongly intertwined with humans – in both a positive and negative way. My interest with the effects of human interactions on […]